Course: Programming in Python Language:


  1. Introduction to Computers and Programming Languages.
  2. Programming Logic Formation and Techniques (Flowcharts and Algorithms).
  3. Basic Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Operators.
  4. Decision Making (IF Structures), Loops (While, For).
  5. Functions, Python Modules.
  6. Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Strings.
  7. File Handling, Exception Handling, Date & Time.
  8. Classes, Objects and Object Oriented Programming in Python.
  9. Regular Expressions, Accessing Databases, Network/Socket Programming
  10. Sending Emails, Multithread Programming, XML Handling.
  11. Conditional Break Points and debugging.
  12. Project using Regular Expressions and Files.
  13. Project using Regular Expressions and Network/Socket Programming.

Duration: 30 hours Theory, 90 hours Practical (Recommended)

  1. Python Programming Interview Questions
  2. Python Programming Online Quiz
  3. Python Programming Online Test
  4. Python Programming Mock Test