Lane Controller for Electronic Toll Collection (Toll Road Management Solution) and Parking Solutions

It is a Linux based Multi Threaded, Event Driven Real-Time system which interacts with various hardware like:

  • Loop Detectors (like Opto22),
  • Cameras (like JAI),
  • Auto Vehicle Classification (AVC like Mettler Toledo WIM),
  • Auto Vehicle Identification (AVI like Sirit RFID),
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR/LPR/ALPR like Carmen)
  • Can Handle Multiple Lanes (Each Controller can handle upto 8 Lanes)
  • Can Support upto 36000 Transactions Per Hour.
  • Reporting and Analytics

It determines various parameters like speed of vehicle, weight of vehicle, number of axles, lane in which vehicle is traveling, direction of travel, time when detected, Number/License Plate, RF Tag (if any).
Based on the detected parameters it calculates tolls, creates the transactions and save them with images and videos captured.

Transactions which failed in ANPR are submitted for manual review.
The stored Transactions, Images and Videos can be manually reviewed and audited later.
Various stats are generated to do reporting and performance analysis.